3 Benefits Of Dual Citizenship

3 Benefits Of Dual Citizenship
  • 3 minutes
  • Feb 27, 2018

So what’s the fuss about becoming a dual citizenship holder and how can it really benefit you? Permanent residency and Citizenship programs differ vastly. It is quite understandable that nowadays, many investors opt for Citizenship programs as their primary choice. There are numerous reasons why investors are taking an interest in citizenship by investment. Namely, it is a chance for investors to broaden their portfolios, move their business across borders, open bank accounts in Europe, and also benefit from world-class health care and education. When deciding on a country to apply for citizenship, investors often look into cost and time to citizenship. But the decision also depends on one’s personal needs and that of their family’s.

Here are some of the main reasons why a dual citizenship can be a useful path to embark on:

Double The Benefits And Privileges With Dual Citizenship

The main benefit of being a dual citizen is that… well, you get to enjoy the benefits and privileges of two different countries. You’re able to enjoy the best of both worlds so to speak. You can benefit from world-class healthcare and great schooling. It’s quite a privilege to become a lifetime citizen of a second country and have access to the lifestyle and social services. Picking the right country for you can be tricky. Whether you’re thinking about Cyprus citizenship or Portugal golden visa, Bluemina’s expert consultants can help you in making the right decision that best suits your needs.

Property In Two Countries

This is particularly good news for you if you’re thinking of investing in real estate, property or land. Citizenship by investment is a two-in-one so to say, enjoy all the benefits of owning beautiful beach front property and receive a second passport in 3 to 4 months. It’s a great way to diversify from traditional portfolios such as stocks, bonds, etc. The greatest benefit of citizenship by investment is that the investment is easy- there is ensured rental return on properties and no carrying costs throughout the 5-year hold period. This is the case for the economic citizenship program of Saint Kitts & Nevis. Owning a property in a foreign country may also become to possible place to retire.

Broader Cultural Exposure

Think beyond borders, being able to pick up and live, work, study in the country of your choice. Well, citizenship by investment is the quickest and easiest way to get there. If you’re in a country where the current economic and political status is unstable, now is your time to act. Being a dual citizen means that you get to call two places your home. Being a dual citizen allows you to embrace different cultures and bring your own across borders, that’s the core of becoming a global citizen.