3 Reasons to Live In Malta

3 Reasons to Live In Malta
  • 3 minutes
  • Dec 07, 2017

The process of obtaining a dual citizenship or permanent residency involves many different factors, and whilst our team is able to help you with the actual application, fees, and any other necessary formalities, the decision of where you want to move to, is ultimately up to you.

It can be a stressful and tedious experience if you don’t have all the information required, especially since it can, in turn, extend the application process as a whole. Of course over the 20 years we’ve been here, we’ve met clients from all walks of life who all wanted the same goal, but in different places. A particular city/country may be better suited to you than another, but that’s not to say it’s also a right fit for someone else. What do you hope to gain from citizenship/ residency? How do you think you could improve your life with it? These questions will also help identify whether you need to opt for citizenship through investment, or some other means like a donation to the respective state for instance.

Of the many vibrant and diverse countries we cater to, Malta has been somewhat more favored and it’s easy to see why. This sunny archipelago that’s located just south of Sicily is a Mediterranean haven, with great weather and a population brimming with culture. They also speak English there, so if you’re worried about starting over plus learning a new language, there’s no such obstacle to hinder you. Be it for yourself or for your family, Malta can be a refreshing and worthwhile choice when it comes to securing a second home.

Affordable Living

Naturally, one of the first things anyone would want to look into especially if it’s concerning living there for some time, is the cost of living. A common misconception is that because Malta is a picturesque Mediterranean island, it’s probably quite expensive here, but it’s actually somewhat similar to the rest of Europe, and even cheaper than some areas. For instance, you could comfortably rent a two-bedroom apartment for around $600 a month. What’s more, with the ocean as your backyard. A family of four has also been recorded to spend around $2,500 every month approximately, which accounts for very comfortable living in Malta.

Malta: Culturally Rich

As human beings, it’s in our nature to evolve, and just as much as factors such as return-on-investment following citizenship through investment for example is important, so is the environment you’re heading into. Is it enriching? Do you want your children to learn how to interact and enjoy the varied and vivid cultures of the world? Being a culturally rich city, Malta is not only very hospitable and friendly as a nation, but they’re also more tolerant and kind; essential values in the world today. The color and vigor will not leave you short for entertainment.

Access the Rest of Europe

Whilst Europe may seem to be far flung from other parts of the world, when in the European zone as you’d be in Malta, this isn’t much of a problem. In fact, you can easily visit any of the European countries with incredible ease and flexibility. This is great for when you want to live, work or study in a different city later on, or even for your children to do the same. Setting yourself up for life in Malta either by investing in a citizenship or a permanent residency is an investment you’d be making in turn, on you and your family.