3 Reasons to Obtain Permanent Residency in Malta

3 Reasons to Obtain Permanent Residency in Malta
  • 3 minutes
  • Jul 26, 2019

When considering obtaining a citizenship or residency by investment, applicants have to closely weigh the pros and cons of each of the different programs in order to invest in the program that best matches their needs. Obtaining a permanent residency in Malta has many pros for the investor and its family.

Malta is an island in the central Mediterranean that is known for its history, scenery and above all its architecture. For many, Malta is a perfect holiday destination given its near year-round sun and its varied outdoor activity. However, investors looking to obtain a permanent residency in Malta look at the island’s offerings from a different scope.

Without the need to renew Malta Residency Permit yearly, investors and their families will reap the benefits of the Malta Residency in exchange for an investment of 500,000 Euro in real estate. Benefits are countless, just a few to mention:  

Access to the Schengen Zone Countries

Once Malta Residency is obtained, not only will the applicant and their family travel freely to all European countries within the Schengen Zone, they will also be able to apply for a work permit anywhere in Schengen Area. Having a lifetime access to Europe has several advantages itself.

  • World-class Health Services: The Region is home to some of the best and most advanced health care systems globally. Whether was it public or private, European healthcare services are known for the well-maintained and equipped facilities, the highly-trained staff, and the advanced medical researches.
  • Top Ranked Universities: Europe is a destination for many international students each year due to its upstanding educational standards. It is to no surprise that EU students enjoy a much lower tuition fees than international students. Therefore, obtaining a European Permanent Residency, such as the Maltese PR, would allow applicants to benefit from world-class education at a much lower cost than that they would otherwise have to pay.
  • Attractive Business Environment: With solid infrastructure, reliable contracts, and English-speaking businessmen, Europe is an engaging environment for international businessmen looking to access diverse business opportunities and start a business in a central location. With an EU residency card, investors unlock countless business opportunities in Schengen countries without the need to physically reside there.

No Tax on Overseas Income With a Permanent Residency in Malta

One of the main reasons that investors seek to obtain the Maltese Residency Permit is the special tax concessions to non-domiciled owners. A foreign resident who is employed in Malta pays taxes only on the income s/he earns in Malta.

A Stable and Secure Country

Malta Residency by Investment program is a much more affordable option than other European Citizenship by Investment Programs and European Residency by Investment programs. Such program is reasonable if investors were not planning on permanently residing in Europe, but would like to have the option to move to a politically and economically stable European country in case of conflict in their own home country.
If you would like to learn more about the procedure and the timeline of the Maltese Permanent Residency application, kindly contact any of Bluemina’s global offices and an expert consultant will gladly assist you.