3 Tips to Help You and Your Family Settle into a New Country with Ease

3 Tips to Help You and Your Family Settle into a New Country with Ease
  • 3 minutes
  • Mar 02, 2018

The process of applying for citizenship or permanent residency in a different country is daunting and tedious enough on its own, and when you factor in the actual moving, it’s understandable that things can get a little overwhelming and stressful. If you’re planning to move with family, you might be even more anxious, as you hope your children will settle into school and like the new environment, and that the move will as a whole, help your family move forward towards success and progression. Whether you’re moving based on citizenship through investment, a donation or via permanent residency, anyone feels some trepidation at uprooting their lives, but this can be easily tackled with a few helpful tips.

No matter where you plan on moving to or what your purpose may be, we think the following simple tips will help you relocate and settle with some ease. Walk into the future with curiosity and an open mind; it certainly helps with handling change gracefully and with confidence.

Study the Language

If you’re moving to a country whose first language isn’t English, you don’t really have to be 100% fluent in the language right away, but you should, however, make an effort to at least familiarize yourself with it. You want to be able to get about easily, and if you’ve moved for business purposes, say citizenship through investment for example, then you definitely need to be able to converse and communicate effectively and efficiently. Spend some time before the move getting to know the basics.

Contact Friends & Family

If you have any friends or family in the country you’re moving to, now’s a good time to get in touch with them. They’ll be an immense help, especially when you first get there. They can even help you locate decent accommodation before leaving, as you can ask them to send you links and other resources, and in turn, have any necessary deposits and the like transferred in next-to-no-time. This will help you have a place set up when you land and get out of the airport. You can also find out where important places are close by, like a bank, hospital, and grocery store, so in case of an emergency you have options.

Look Up Schools in Advance

Though yes, you won’t really be able to enrol your children until you get there, you can still research the different schools that are available to you. You can narrow this down based on a rough idea of where you plan to live, and then scout out the schools around those areas. You should be able to find plenty of information online, and this will also give you peace of mind when the time comes for you to go. That way, you don’t have to rush through the process, instead, you can make informed decisions accordingly.

For more information on citizenship through investment and permanent residency, book a consultation with us so we can best assess your needs, and provide assistance accordingly.