5 Steps to Obtain Your Second Passport by Investment Remotely

5 Steps to Obtain Your Second Passport by Investment Remotely
  • 4 minutes
  • May 07, 2020

Many Caribbean and European Countries offer Citizenship by Investment Programs in which an investor is granted a lifetime second citizenship that can be passed on to future generations by descent, in exchange for a government contribution or a real estate investment. Therefore, a second passport by investment is beneficial for the whole family.

Each of those countries accept citizenship applications through their Citizenship by Investment Units (CIU). An investor will first get in touch with a government-approved and licensed citizenship firm, such as Bluemina. Afterwards, the firm will advise the investors on the best program that meets their needs, goals and budget. Once this decision is made and all the required documents are collected, Bluemina’s experienced processing team will submit the citizenship application on behalf of the investor.

Having said that, investors can easily obtain a second passport from the comfort of their own home in 5 easy steps:

1. Choosing the desired Citizenship by Investment Program and Investment Scheme.

Citizenship by Investment Programs offer investors a handful of benefits and are considered the fastest and most reliable way to get a second passport.

Bluemina offers 9 different Citizenship by Investment Programs in the Caribbean Commonwealth and in Europe; each of those programs differ in terms on investment requirements, investment paths available, and set of benefits offered.

Countries usually offer one or two of the following investment paths:

  1. Government Contribution:  All Caribbean countries such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia accept monetary contribution to their government’s funds. This is a onetime, nonrefundable contribution that starts at $100,000.
  2. Real Estate Investment: Both Caribbean and European Countries, except Vanuatu, offer a real estate investment path. This investment scheme usually requires applicants to invest a certain amount of money in a government-approved property and hold it for several years before reselling it.

The real estate investment path is usually more costly than the government contribution but has more return on investment since investors can collect rental returns and can resell the property after a certain hold-period.

We realize that those decisions might be overwhelming to many, but rest assured that Bluemina’s Expert Advisors will go above and beyond to ensure that an investor chooses the right program for their specific case.

2. Collecting the Required Documents 

 All programs require applicants to provide personal identification documents and financial statements. Some of the main documents include:

  1. Copies of Passport for the investor and family members applying
  2. Copies of birth certificates for all family members
  3. Copies of National ID’s for all family members
  4. Copy of Marriage/ divorce certificate
  5. Copy of Proof of current address *(such as a utility bill)

In the current situation with Covid-19, copies of these 5 short documents will enable your application to be submitted and in turn commence the due diligence process. As the due diligence and background checks usually take up the most time in an application process, this will benefit the investor tremendously. With that, an investor will obtain an initially approval by the Government, the applicant can then collect the remainder of the documents with the help of Bluemina.  

3. Making the First Payment

At this point the investor is required to make the initial payment, which is no more than 20% of the total investment amount. This payment includes application, processing, lawyer and due diligence fees.

4. Getting the Government Approval

With the help of Bluemina’s experienced processing team, investors will receive a government approval on their citizenship application within 3 to 4 months. Once approval is obtained, the rest of the investment amount will be due.

5. Receiving Citizenship Certificate and Second Passport by Investment

Your citizenship certificate and passports will be mailed to you directly at your home, office or if it is your preference, you may also pick it up at any of the 7 Bluemina branches across the MENA.

Bluemina Citizenship and Residency extends smooth and swift services at all times. You can contact us at any of our offices through phone, email, WhatsApp, or even video call and we will gladly assist you.