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A Global Vision

Bluemina is a global leader in Citizenship and Residency by Investment. Since 1997, our expert advisors have served thousands of clients annually through our regional offices. We offer the most expedited Dual Citizenship and Permanent Residency by Investment programs tailored to each investor's specific needs. As an official government marketing agent for the Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program, we take pride in providing innovative solutions and exceptional services to our clients.

Leading Citizenship & Residency by Investment Firm

At Bluemina, we pride ourselves on being a reputable and legitimate firm that specializes in providing exceptional services in the Citizenship and Residence by investment industry. Our team of experts is dedicated to assisting investors in acquiring dual citizenship, second passport, golden visa, or permanent residency, enabling them to enjoy the numerous advantages that these programs offer.









Our Mission

Our mission is to be a reliable and trustworthy partner for investors and individuals seeking dual citizenship and residence solutions through investment.

Our Vision

To provide high-quality services to investors interested in obtaining second citizenship or residency through investment, while contributing to the economic development and growth of countries and creating new job opportunities.

Our Legacy


Where it all started

Bluemina Citizenship & Residency was founded by Mr. Wasim Daoud in Montreal, Canada in 1997 to provide essential migration services to Middle Eastern families seeking to immigrate to Canada.


The Move to the Middle East

We moved our operations to Amman, Jordan to cater to the rising demand for Dual Citizenship and Permanent Residence by Investment services in the Middle East.


Venture into Egypt

By opening our first office in Cairo, Egypt, we were able to expand our operations throughout the MENA region and help thousands of investors and families obtain powerful dual citizenships and European permanent residencies.


Entry into the United Arab Emirates

To meet the rising demand for dual citizenship among UAE investors from various Arab nationalities, we established an office in Dubai to cater to the needs of one of the world's fastest-growing markets.


Tapping into Iraq

Due to the growing demand for Caribbean Second Passport programs, we opened two offices in Iraq - one in Erbil and the other in Baghdad. Our legal advisors have a proven track record of successfully serving investors and their families year after year.


The 1st Dual Citizenship Firm in Palestine

We opened an office in Ramallah, becoming the first Citizenship and Residency by Investment firm in Palestine. Through our office in Ramallah, we served individuals and families looking to obtain a dual citizenship and passport without renouncing their current nationality, or the need to relocate outside of Palestine.


Entry into Qatar

Our seventh office in the region was opened in Doha, Qatar, to assist individuals and their families in obtaining a lifetime citizenship that can be passed down to future generations through descent.


Expanding Again in Egypt & Iraq

Our second branch in Egypt, located in Shaikh Zayed city, was successfully opened to assist Egyptian entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses, opening bank accounts worldwide, and taking advantage of tax incentives with a second passport. In the same year, we also established our third office in Iraq, Sulaymaniyah to enhance our customer service and maintain the trust of our clients.


The Virtual Office Launch

As a leading provider of dual citizenship and golden visa services, Bluemina has revolutionized the industry with the launch of our Virtual Office experience in the region. Through this user-friendly online platform, our clients can now seamlessly access our expert advisors and easily obtain dual citizenship or permanent residence from the comfort of their home or office.


Growing in Iraq, Egypt, Qatar, UAE, & KSA

In 2022, we achieved significant growth by expanding to locations in Doha, Qatar and Baghdad, Iraq, and the opening of our third office in Egypt's Fifth Settlement. We are also proud to have established our first office in Riyadh, KSA, and a second branch in Dubai to meet the high demand in the GCC. These expansions reflect our continued success in providing exceptional services for citizenship and residency needs in the MENA region.


Bluemina Citizenship & Residency brings over 26 years of diverse experience and a growing team of legal advisors to the table, expanding our global influence and assisting nationals worldwide in obtaining dual nationality or permanent residence. In 2023, we were appointed as an official Marketing Agent for the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program, cementing our leading presence in the CBI industry.

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