All You Need to Know About Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

  • 3 minutes
  • Nov 20, 2019

Established in 2014, Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program has become a solidly reputed citizenship by investment program in the Caribbean.  Not only is Antigua and Barbuda Passport a commonwealth passport, but also it is ranked 23rd globally according to the Passport Power Index.
After investing in a real estate property or in the National Development fund, investors in Antigua and Barbuda will be able to enjoy visa free travel to over 130 countries alongside many other benefits in less than 6 months.

Requirements of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

In order to get Antigua and Barbuda Passport, an investor must first choose one of the following investment schemes:

  1. Making a one-time nonrefundable contribution of $100,000 to the Government’s National Development Fund with processing fees of $25,000.  Investment amount increases by $25,000 if family has more than 4 members.
  2. Purchasing a government pre-approved real estate project for the value of at least $400,000. This property should be maintained for at least 5 years before being resold.

In this case, investment amount remains the same regardless of family size.
In both investment schemes, due diligence and processing fees apply for each family member.

Benefits of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

  1. Visa Free travel to more than 130 countries including Schengen countries and the United Kingdome.
  2. Dual citizenship that can be passed on to future generations by descent.
  3. Citizenship in a commonwealth country; giving investor access to world-class education and healthcare services.
  4. No language requirement.
  5. Ability to add dependents on the application; dependent children below 28 and parents above 58. 

Qualifications of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program:

To qualify for Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program, an applicant must first meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicant must complete due diligence process and have no criminal record.
  2. In the 5 years that follows obtaining the citizenship, applicant must spend 5 days in Antigua and Barbuda.
  3. Applicant should undergo a medical examination.

It is worth mentioning that Antigua and Barbuda have nationality restrictions; applicants from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Yemen and Sudan will not be considered for the application. However, other Caribbean Citizenship by Investment programs such as Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saint Lucia will gladly welcome their citizenship by investment applications.

Investors considering to obtain Antigua and Barbuda passport are advised to contact any of Bluemina’s offices to get in touch with an expert consultant who will clarify all details related to the program or any of the other 15 Citizenship and Residency by investment programs offered at the firm.