Antigua & Barbuda Second Passport: Your Best Investment Yet

Antigua & Barbuda Second Passport: Your Best Investment Yet
  • 4 minutes
  • May 10, 2021

Obtaining a second passport is much more than a declaration of dual citizenship, it is a gateway to a whole new world. Through Citizenship by Investment, you will be able to embark on a new adventure full of new possibilities from flourishing businesses to traveling freely without a visa or restrictions.

Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program is one great example of the perfect second passport, not just after you secure your Commonwealth passport, but also during the process of it all. Antigua is one of the easiest and most affordable programs, it allows you to become a citizen of a magnificent country known for its enchanted beaches, magical rainforests and colorful sceneries.

Antigua and Barbuda Government launched the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment program in 2014. Even though the program is considered new, it has developed to be one of the most sought-after and remarkable programs. Antigua has a powerful passport which was ranked the 27th globally. You can also acquire its passport within a short 4 to 6 months, such a program has become a notable and solid path for investors to consider.

The Caribbean nation grants you an opportunity to become a citizen of a Commonwealth country without having to renounce other citizenship. In order to get Antigua and Barbuda second passport, you can either invest in government-approved real estate or make a contribution to the National Development Fund (NDF).

Citizenship by investment is currently a very popular and growing market everywhere and within the MENA region. Antigua Second Passport can be granted to both citizens of Iraq and Palestine in addition to other countries through its smooth and reasonable program.

Getting a second passport can be easy, especially with Antigua and Barbuda. The yachting hub has been working towards an easier and more beneficial process for applicants and their families. Positive changes are being marked, for instance, applicants were required to visit the Caribbean nation for 5 days in the 5 years following citizenship issuance. This condition was revoked in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. Applicants also needed to be in the country so as to join an oath ceremony to get their passport, but now you can do it online at the comfort of your home.

Investors are additionally able to become global citizens alongside their families, as Antigua & Barbuda government allows applicants to include their children aged 30 and under as well as their parents aged 55 and over as dependent to the main applicant. You and your family can enjoy an extraordinary excursion at one of its 365 beaches, or have dinner at one of its luxurious yacht. The Caribbean nation is also well-known for its breathtaking beach life, a chance to teach your kids about all kinds of exotic aquatic life.

Furthermore, in Antigua & Barbuda, applicants can witness their businesses thrive as they are given outstanding benefits by their second passport. Investors will enjoy a favorable tax climate along with having the opportunity to open offshore bank accounts and expand their businesses to record great growth.

Benefits of dual citizenship do not stop there; it also gives freedom of mobility that is much needed especially in these times. Antigua passport grants visa-free access to over 150 countries including Schengen countries, the United Kingdom and France. You will also be able to access the MENA region freely without any restrictions to countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon.

Through an affordable investment, applicants will secure the benefit of world-class healthcare services and superb education. Acquiring Antigua lifetime citizenship also awards one of your family members a one-year scholarship at the University of the West Indies. Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship can be passed on to future generations, handing your family the same benefits you will be granted.

Dual citizenship is not a mere option which individuals may or may not consider, it is a necessity for each person and their families. The question remaining is, which country will you choose to be your future home. With Antigua & Barbuda, you are assured freedom, great privileges and infinite comfort. Bluemina Citizenship & Residency will guide you in every step and grant you your second passport using transparency, excellence and fast-processing time.