Benefits of Turkish Citizenship

Benefits of Turkish Citizenship
  • 5 minutes
  • Oct 05, 2021

Did you know that more than 9,000 people have earned their citizenship by investment and now own a Turkish citizenship and second passport? The launch of the Turkish citizenship by investment program has guaranteed a sustainable future for all of us in this era. Turkey is now considered a global destination for anyone who is looking for better living standards and safe investments.  Guaranteeing a sustainable future with a second passport has become really popular, smooth, straightforward and at the tip of your fingers with Bluemina and without having to fulfill any travel or residency requirements.

Turkey, also known as the gateway between two continents; Asia and Europe, and is a top migration destination country known for its historic cultural heritage, economic power, developed infrastructure and rapid development. Its location has brought different worlds together in various ways. Investors have been flooding to Turkey to enjoy the numerous benefits and incentives its government offers for them and their families. The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Turkey is its exceptional nature and cuisine, but let us save these thoughts for a bit and explore together all the other benefits that made investing in Turkey for citizenship a global trend and one of a kind experience.  


A second citizenship functions similarly to insurance. A second passport protects your future and that of your family and it opens up an array of opportunities and possibilities. Investing in Turkish citizenship as a second passport is a great Plan B to put your mind at ease in times of economic or political instability in your home country. 

Strong passport gives great value

A strong passport gives great value and definition to the country. The new Turkish passport is a must-have travel document for those wishing to visit countries around the world without a visa; it has been ranked as the 53rd strongest passport in the world with access to more than 110 visa-free countries. Turkey will soon enter a visa-free deal with the European Union (EU), making the country’s passport even stronger.

Robust Economy

Robust economy allows for promising future. Turkey with its developing and growing economy has become home for many investors and businesses which generate high productivity and capacity. Drawing investors with strategic economic advantages, Turkey offers high employment rates, high purchasing power and high rate of development.

Your investment today, theirs tomorrow

Turkish citizenship is inherently passed down to future generations. Nowadays, there are many different considerations to navigate while planning for the future, but pursuing the Turkish citizenship should be the first on the list. Your investment today can grant ample benefits to future generations.

Dual Citizenship

You can obtain Turkish citizenship in addition to your current citizenship. It is not necessary to give up the citizenship of your country when you obtain Turkish citizenship since according to law, Turkey provides dual citizenship. Investors gain double the benefits in their home country and through their second citizenship.

Educate your children

The majority of people who pursue citizenship think of their children’s education as their number one priority. Education in Turkey has long been a key attraction for people worldwide. Pursuing the Turkish citizenship allows access to quality higher education opportunities and the country is known for its rich universities that excel in various areas of study.

Healthcare for you and your family

Turkey has a well-developed healthcare system and high-quality health facilities that are easily accessible by all citizens. The number of health facilities increased and new facilities came to life in the past decade.

Tax Relief

Turkey does not impose taxes on worldwide income, capital gains, gift, wealth and inheritance and thus is known as a tax haven. As part of the government’s efforts to attract foreign direct investment, it has introduced many taxation benefits and deductions that apply to foreign investors. 

Your voice is heard

The foreign investors would have many privileges and benefits when they get the Turkish investment citizenship, one in which their voices will be heard through voting in all kinds of elections, in this way they can influence the country’s decision making and the future of the country where they invest their money.

How Bluemina Can Help

Owning the Turkish citizenship by investment is an asset that would shape your future and the future of your family. Are you wondering how to apply for the Turkish citizenship? We at Bluemina recognize the importance of having an unlimited potential for your lives and believe that having Turkish citizenship is immensely valuable to individuals, families, and businesses alike. Get in touch with us in order to help you be among the many that secured peace of mind and economic opportunities with our Turkish citizenship and second passport program. At Bluemina, we will be delighted to help you invest in your future and the future of your children in a world of opportunities.