Bluemina Changes the Way People Live

Bluemina Changes the Way People Live
  • 4 minutes
  • Nov 14, 2019

Bashar Daoud, managing partner of Bluemina, wants everyone to know that immigration is a thing of the past. “We’re keeping away from the term immigration,” he says. Instead, the company is helping their clients become global citizens through citizenship and residency programs that open up the world to Arab investors.

“With us, people can come to a well-organised, specialised firm and get the best residency and citizenship solutions in an efficient and swift manner.” – Bashar Daoud, Managing Partner, Bluemina

As an international marketing agent for popular Caribbean nations, a government-approved and licensed firm, and member of the Investment Migration Council, Daoud believes Bluemina is perfectly positioned to help the region’s residents become global citizens. In operation for over two decades, the company is at the forefront of citizenship- and residency-by-investment programs. With six offices, over 15 country programs, and over 11,000 success stories, the company has been a leading firm in global citizenship since its beginning.

Daoud’s father founded the company in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, which he refers to as “the birthplace of immigration.” He goes on to say, “As immigrants ourselves, my father started this business – a family business now being structured as a firm – for anyone who wants second citizenship or residency services.”

Like his father, Daoud believes that people in the MENA region seeking new opportunities should be able to explore their options when thinking about their future. “Options are out there,” he says, “and there are solutions for each and every person.” In fact, in the MENA region alone, 2019 has seen a 15% increase in demand for citizenship-by-investment compared to the previous year, demonstrating an eager interest in available opportunities.

He notes that there has been a particular surge in interest for citizenship-by-investment through Caribbean island nations, which accounts for 65 per cent of demand. Bluemina is an international marketing agent for these countries with special insight into the attraction for investors and regional residents, particularly the balance between available benefits with costs and timeframe.

For a quicker path to many of the benefits offered by second citizenship, residency-by-investment programs give investors freedom of travel, the right to reside, and often access to health and educational benefits, “without the obligation of residing in a country,” Daoud explains. Malta’s program, which grants EU residency and many other benefits to recipients, is particularly popular in the Arab world, accounting for 45% of all applications submitted. Other options include programs in Cyprus, Greece, and Portugal.

Bluemina provides guidance for its clients on choosing specific citizenship- and residency-by-investment programs. Providing an example, Daoud describes how a businessman may want to expand across borders, as well as open an offshore banking. In another example, an Egyptian family may explore second citizenship in a Commonwealth country for their children who hope to continue their studies in Europe or the U.K.

Having established connections with over 15 countries, including Malta, Cyprus, several Caribbean countries, and the US, the company provides its clients a smooth and transparent process as they begin their transformation from single nationality to global citizenship.

Bluemina also works to improve programs across the world. As part of the Investment Migration Council, the company recently attended a meeting in Geneva, explains Daoud. He describes a panel he participated in where governments shared ideas and thoughts on how to increase investment options in their countries and attract foreign investors through citizenship- and residency-by-investment.

Daoud explains that there are many ways of obtaining a citizenship- or residency-by-investment, either by contributing to a country’s fund, or investing in real estate. With numerous opportunities for both countries and investors, it’s firms like Bluemina that create that synergy.

With more people in the region interested in citizenship- and immigration-by-investment than ever before, Bluemina is prepared to help individuals and families achieve their dreams of becoming global citizens. Having expanded across Jordan, Erbil, Baghdad, Cairo, Ramallah, and Dubai, the company continues to open offices across the region to serve clients practically and effectively, as they seek travel, education, and living opportunities for themselves and their families. “With us, people can come to a well-organised, specialised firm and get the best residency and citizenship solutions in an efficient and swift manner,” Daoud concludes.