Bluemina Expands Visa-Free Travel Assistance to Global Audiences

Bluemina Expands Visa-Free Travel Assistance to Global Audiences
  • 5 minutes
  • Dec 23, 2020

To meet the increasing international demand for foreign co-residency and second citizenship acquisition, Bluemina is proud to offer its renowned citizenship and residency-by-investment advocacy and assistance services to new travelers and investors in the Middle East. As an emerging leader in CBI advocacy, Bluemina Citizenship & Residency acts as an authorized agent to liaise between investors seeking visa-free travel to over 140 countries all from the comfort of your home, in many cases without having to travel at all during the application and approval proceedings.

Bluemina’s citizenship and residency-by-investment services enable Middle Eastern entrepreneurs and investors to set their sights on new horizons by offering opportunities in America, Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond. With 9 regional offices in different countries in the Middle East and North Africa, our team has bridged the gap between western international standards and Middle Eastern cultural principles to enable travellers from all walks of life to find new opportunities abroad and become truly global citizens. Our multicultural organization is sensitive to the needs of individual investors from all backgrounds, and we have the knowledge and experience to find the right citizenship-by-investment program no matter who you are or where you’re from.

Our company’s roots began in Montreal as a simple agency to help immigrants abroad find their place in the vast Canadian region. As we learned and grew from our experiences with investors from around the world, we discovered how much we had to offer to residents of the Middle East, and we relocated to Amman, Jordan where we still operate our headquarters to this day. In our 23 years of service, we’ve expanded to Dubai, Ramallah, Cairo, Doha, Erbil, Baghdad and Sulaymaniyah as the ever-changing market for second citizenship and permanent foreign residency; in which both have grown and evolved. With our team spread out across multiple continents serving vastly different cultures, we’ve transformed into a truly international agency that’s uniquely positioned to facilitate citizenship and residency-by-investment in many nations despite their significant differences in economic needs and cultural identities.

In our more than two decades of experience serving a modern global clientele, we’ve uniquely developed an international methodology and standard of service that enable us to work directly with local, regional, and national governments in many parts of the world to advocate on an investor’s behalf. We’ve forged deep relationships with immigration, citizenship and residency by investment experts and authorities around the world and stay closely engaged with their constantly-evolving needs as their nations strive to attract committed investors to help them grow and thrive. In exchange, our international partners willingly grant permanent residency and second citizenship status for entrepreneurs who can follow through on the commitment of developing a relationship with the peoples and businesses of their countries, helping to grow and stabilize their economies. Additionally, citizenship in many of these nations come with the benefit of an international passport offering visa-free travel to over a hundred countries all around the globe.

Depending on the destination, investors may be able to relocate and gain international residency or obtain citizenship at the comfort of their homes for as little as $150,000 within 4 to 6 months; and can often bring their immediate family and close relatives with them.

Some of our partner programs offer expanded benefits such as granting a lifetime citizenship that can be passed onto future generations, as well as educational opportunities including tuition assistance which may be used for the investor themselves or a family member. Nevertheless, whether you are investing in a European Second Passport or a Commonwealth Caribbean Passport, you will have access to world-class healthcare programs at advantageous expenses .

Investors can also enjoy the many business benefits that can be offered from obtaining citizenship and residency by investment; from opening offshore bank accounts to growing your business abroad. Any entrepreneur in good standing in the international community may apply to begin their new life abroad and obtain visa-free travel all over the world. An investment in any second passport today is an investment for the future.

Investment opportunities now available through Bluemina’s authorized agency can be as involved or as hands-off as the investor prefers. Some of our partners will grant residency status for little more than a simple donation to their national development funds or economic expansion efforts or by a property investment. Alternatively, investors may choose to invest in a growing business in a government-approved sector, or they may even open their own startup business, typically with the requirement that they employ residents of their new home nation.

If you’re thinking about international investment opportunities, particularly those that can help you find a new home in the world, you can contact Bluemina today to consult with us for no charge to learn more about your prospects. No other international agency offers the unique benefits and close partnerships we’ve developed, and we’re ready to take your entrepreneurship to surprising new heights.