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Freedom Of Movement

Having a second citizenship gives you the freedom to travel, whether for work, personal, or education. Visa applications are tedious, timely and costly. Adopt the ease of travel lifestyle with a visa-free second citizenship to over 130 countries compared to an Egyptian passport access to only 50 visa-free countries and an Iraqi passport with only 30 visa-free countries.

Citizenship-by-Investment is your fast way out. No need to go through long tedious immigration applications and wait.


Give yourself more financial options. Open a bank account where you please and take your business to different places. Decide where you would like to invest and purchase assets and not feel limited to opportunities because of your only passport. Purchase, sell and relocate your assets to other countries.

Citizenship-by-investment is a great way to benefit from both an investment abroad and citizenship. You can call a new country your home away from home or can benefit from rental return.

Safety For
Your Family

Don’t feel trapped in a country that has political issues and radicalism. A second citizenship gives you mobility insurance and the right to live and work somewhere else. Families can benefit from better life style, preferred education fees, and the wealth of culture exposure.

Protect your family from economical and political instabilities. Give them the opportunity to study, live, and work where they please. An Investment today is an investment for tomorrow.

Lifetime Security

It is a time to secure your children’s future where they can live, study and work. It is a generational benefit; an investment in a second citizenship today will benefit your children and grandchildren. It’s their time adapt to new cultures and feel a sense of belonging that will last a lifetime. They can access all social services in the country of citizenship.


Obtain a citizenship that provides you and your family with high standards of healthcare and medical attention.

Become a citizen of another country will allow you to access world-class healthcare.

Grow Your Business

For entrepreneurs, dual citizenship enables better and stronger face-to-face business relationships; your citizenship-by-investment can become your gateway to a wider business world.

Governments from offering citizenship-by-investment are encouraging investors with tax-free benefits and business-friendly regulations

It’s not easy but you can get the best team of professionals to help you today.



A modern country that effortlessly marries

European culture with keeping the glory of

ancient heritage.


 It would be like to have standards,

Malta can be your gateway to an urban,

island lifestyle in Europe.


Antigua And Barbuda

This picturesque island is most widely known for its crystal clear beaches and calm and rich sceneries.

Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship


This beautiful island is well known for its lush national parks, rainforests and rare natural beauties.

Dominica Citizenship

Saint Kitts And Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is a two-island country nestled in the West Indies and is a commonwealth realm.

Saint Kitts And Nevis Citizenship

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is an island nestled in the Caribbean Sea, with breathtaking views on the western mountains .


Grenada is located in the south of the Caribbean and is known for its picturesque sceneries

Grenada Citizenship

Pricing & Schedule

Country Investment Time Taken
Antigua & Barbuda Starting at USD 250,000 3 to 4 months
Cyprus Starting at EUR 2,000,000 6 months
Cyprus PR Starting at EUR 200,000 1 year and 2 months
Dominica Starting at USD 100,000 3 to 4 months
Greece Starting at EUR 250,000 3 months
Country Investment Time Taken
Grenada Starting at USD 200,000 3 to 4 months
Portugal Starting at EUR 500,000 2 months
St Kitts and Nevis Starting at USD 150,000 3 to 4 months
Spain Starting at EUR 500,000 2 to 3 months
St. Lucia. Starting at USD 100,000 3 to 4 Months

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Tareq H

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Mona F

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Ramez H

“Have had my passport for 5 years, still recommend Bluemina to my friends and collegues.”

Dr. Sahar S


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