Citizenship by investment (CBI) is a legal process through which individuals can acquire citizenship in a country by making a significant financial investment. This typically involves making a substantial contribution to the country’s economy, such as investing in specific government-approved projects, real estate, or through other financial means.

The concept of citizenship by investment is often used by countries as a way to attract foreign direct investment, boost economic development, and create new opportunities. These programs vary from one country to another, both in terms of the required investment amounts and the benefits provided to the individuals obtaining citizenship.

Benefits of Citizenship by Investment

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What Do Citizenship By Investment Programs Offers?

Our leading citizenship programs have a number of advantages, such as enabling the investors and wealthy individuals to obtain an alternative lifetime citizenship without renouncing their current nationality, the right to travel freely or settle in another country, access business opportunities, allow certain privileges in the UK, Europe, Schengen States and other parts of the world, as well as attractive investment and processing costs.

Number of countries implemented investment programs that allow gaining of an alternative citizenship and second passport on the basis of an economic contribution to the development of the country and/or an investment in real estate and property.

Commonwealth Caribbean countries including St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, St. Lucia, and Dominica offer alternative citizenship by investment programs. When applying for a Caribbean citizenship by investment, investors and high-net-worth individuals are able to include a spouse, children, parents and grandparents above a specific age, and unmarried dependent siblings under a specific age and even add dependents after they have been granted the citizenship. 

Citizenship by Investing in Financial Assets

Investors and high-net-worth individuals are interested in investment programs for a number of legitimate reasons such as greater mobility, starting a new business, better opportunities and education for their children, as well as the right to live in a country that is politically stable. One of the best ways to receive such benefits is to obtain an alternative citizenship by investment through financial assets.

Bluemina provides a range of investment programs and services that are essential to protect and grow the wealth of the investors and individuals. Investment programs like St Lucia allow the investor to obtain a dual citizenship by financial asset. Each program offers a different type of investment by financial assets, for example the individual can choose to invest in Government Bonds in a local business approved by the government or by creating a new start-up. Other options include an investment in a locally established and approved Government Investment Fund.

Some of the best advantages of applying for an alternative citizenship via investment by financial assets is the ability to hold the asset for the required period and sell it later on. Another important advantage is that the Government Bonds are considered low risk by nature.

Which Countries Offer Citizenship by Investing Programs?

Few countries in the world grant high-net-worth individuals and investors citizenship based on financial or economic options. Currently 23 countries offer alternative citizenship by investment programs. Canada, Portugal, UK, USA, Mexico, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, St Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, Turkey and Malta are examples of countries that grant residence permit and citizenship to investors and wealthy individuals. These programs allow the individual to become a full citizen through investment.

One of the most reliable and the first program to be offered globally is St Kitts and Nevis, established in 1984. The program offers investors and wealthy individuals many benefits such as a lifetime citizenship by descent, tax benefits, the freedom to open companies and bank accounts, access to first-class healthcare and education systems worldwide.

Bluemina provides the most credible and trustworthy programs in the world which include Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia, Grenada, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Malta, and Turkey. Bluemina, a government approved and licensed agent since 1997 offers successful citizenship by investment programs to legally and quickly acquire an alternative citizenship without renouncing the current citizenship or the need to relocate.

Obtain A Second Citizenship by Investing in Real estate Property

To live in a country, you need to own property and a residence permit or citizenship. Some countries in Europe offer property by investment options to obtain citizenship such as Malta. High-net-worth individuals pursue these programs for their excellent quality of life, exceptional business setting, and the possibility of obtaining citizenship and passport through property investment.

Maltese citizenship is granted after the investor contributes to the National Development and Social Fund for the minimum value of €740,000 as well as either leasing a property for the minimum value of €16,000 yearly for a period of five years or purchasing a residential real estate for the minimum value of €700,000.

Turkey citizenship by investment on the other hand requires the individual to acquire a real estate worth at least USD 400,000 and must be held for a period of three years.

Commonwealth Caribbean Citizenship by investment programs like St Kitts and Nevis, Grenada, Saint Lucia, and Antigua and Barbuda, and Dominica provide wealthy individuals and families with the privilege of gaining a second citizenship through property investment and could start at the price of USD 200,000.

Obtaining Citizenship by Contribution

Citizenship by contribution programs provide high-net-worth families and investors with the ability of acquiring a second passport and citizenship that gives them the right to settle in another country and travel freely to countless destinations. Successful running programs of which Bluemina Citizenship & Residency firm offer include St Kitts and Nevis, Malta, Grenada, St. Lucia, and Dominica. These programs are regulated by the government with strict due diligence and checks. Grenada citizenship by investment program for example requires a minimum economic contribution of USD 150,000 to the National Transformation Fund (NTF) for applicants to be granted citizenship. Grenada is the only Caribbean citizenship program that grants an E-2 US Investor Visa which allows citizens to live and work in the United States of America.

The Main Investment Steps & Requirements

Steps and investment requirements differ from program to another. Main ones are characterized as below:

  1. Preliminary background check is done, and once cleared, file preparation begins and all required documents are collected as the government mandates. Fees related to advisory, government and due diligence are to be paid
  2. File is submitted to the government with the selected investment program.
  3. The “Approved in Principle” letter is issued by the government unit.
  4. Investment options are made, either through property and real estate or non-refundable donations or government bonds.
  5. Naturalization certificate issued by the government of the program.
  6. Issuance and delivery of passport to investor within the same year of applying.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Policy & Protection

Anti-Money laundering (AML) legislation came as a response to the growing financial industry. It refers to the regulations and measures intended at uncovering efforts to disguise illicit and illegal funds as legal income.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) seeks to develop strong customer due diligence plans to ensure the information an individual provides is accurate and legitimate, as well as to detect suspicious transactions and assess money laundering risks. AML makes it harder to hide profits from crime, or use money laundering to make illegal funds appear to have a legitimate source. Bluemina begins with verifying its client’s identity through a process called Know Your Customer (KYC), in addition to understanding the nature of an individual’s activity and verifying deposited funds are from a legitimate origin.

A Second Passport to Avoid International Restrictions

In recent years, growing restrictions and heightened global scrutiny have led investors and entrepreneurs to be more cautious about their financial ventures, especially as many states charge heavy taxes on earned income and profits; on both corporate and personal finances.

Second citizenship by investment has proven to be an effective tool for investment security and wealth protection. Dual citizenship offers investors and high-net-worth individuals all the advantages of the new country of residence. Low level of oversight and the reduction or absence of taxes remains the most attractive benefit of all.

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