Contemplating Dual Citizenship? Why it’s A Good Idea

Contemplating Dual Citizenship
  • 2 minutes
  • Feb 15, 2018

With 2 decades of immigration and citizenship service experience under our belt, Bluemina is currently Dubai’s number one immigration partner, and our expansion to several cities around the world is further testimony to our proficiency. As such, no matter what our client’s requirements are, our professionals are at hand to tend to them and help guide them in the right direction, offering them options that are best suited to their respective needs. Along the way, one of the surefire questions we get asked includes whether dual citizenship is the right option.

We’d like to address this by first stating that any decisions made are of course solely yours and at your discretion. That said, we find that in today’s incredibly unpredictable world which is constantly engulfed in political and economic turmoil, its good sense to have a secondary option. Some clients prefer to make this their primary option and consider their home country their second. However you choose to see it, obtaining dual citizenship be it via citizenship through investment or something else is a privilege only some attain, hence it should be treasured.


One of the main benefits of dual citizenship includes ease of travelling, which is something that businessmen and investors, in particular, would find useful. There’s no need to apply for visas every time they need to make a business trip, and it’s easier for them to get about domestically as well. All round, it helps facilitates better channels for travel.


If you’re involved in business, you’re presented with an opportunity to spread your wings to another region, effectively expanding it in turn. Of course, this can’t be done overnight, but it gives you a start. You can even calculate the return on your citizenship through investment for instance, considering it to be an investment in the name of your business.


This means that you and your family, that’s to say whoever else has signed on to your application, will be able to avail the citizen benefits applicable to those in that country. This includes social services, pension, healthcare and the right to vote as well. Regardless of whether you applied for dual citizenship via citizenship through investment or donation, you will be granted these benefits.