Dominica to Launch Entrepreneur Visa With 2-Year Path to Citizenship

Dominica to Launch Entrepreneur Visa With 2-Year Path to Citizenship
  • 10 minutes
  • Dec 07, 2020

The Commonwealth of Dominica is one of the hottest spots in the Caribbean Sea for investors seeking a foreign visa or full naturalization in this part of the world. Dominica offers visa-free travel or visa-on-arrival access to over 100 countries, including major destinations like Russia, the UK, Brazil, and the entirety of the EU.

Dominica has a robust citizenship-by-investment program. For the upcoming year, the Dominican CBI Unit office is introducing a new foreign investment program targeting entrepreneurs looking to enter and reside in the Commonwealth. In addition to a few other changes, this new path to citizenship makes it easier than ever for foreign investors to relocate to Dominica with an option for permanent naturalization in as little as two years.

Before you rush to apply, make sure that you meet the eligibility and financial requirements for the new program, and understand all of your investment options before making a commitment. Even if you decide that the new 2-year program for entrepreneurs isn’t right for you, you may find that other Dominica citizenship-by-investment options are more suitable for your needs.

Dominica Citizenship Updated Eligibility Requirements

Not only has the Commonwealth of Dominica created a new path to citizenship, but they’ve also updated their existing eligibility requirements. Review each of the following sections to determine whether you meet the latest CBI prerequisites before you take the time to apply.

Background Check

Dominica has stringent background check requirements. Whereas some nations offer leniency for foreign nationals with a criminal history, the Commonwealth requires applicants for citizenship-by-investment to have a spotless criminal history. This means if you’ve been convicted of any major crimes that still appear on your criminal record, you will be entirely ineligible for CBI in Dominica and will have to seek investment options elsewhere.

In addition to clean criminal history, the Commonwealth also restricts citizenship-by-investment applicants who are citizens of Sudan, North Korea, and Iran. If you are a citizen of any of these three nations, you must meet a few extra eligibility requirements:

  • You have not lived in one of these countries within the past ten years.
  • You do not maintain substantial financial assets in any of these nations.
  • You may not have a history of conducting business or political activities in North Korea, Iran, or Sudan.

Additionally, citizens of Iran, Sudan, and North Korea will be subjected to greater due diligence, possibly including more in-depth background checks and in-person interviews with CBIU agents.

Personal Health

Immigrants to Dominica will be screened for their medical history with the expectation that they are in good physical health before being granted entry to the country. Dominica maintains a strong reputation for public health maintenance, and individuals who pose a health risk to other Dominican citizens may be denied CBI opportunities.

Financial Commitments

Depending on the investment strategy you choose for your path to Dominica citizenship by investment, the costs vary to reflect the needs of each qualifying program. At an absolute minimum, expect to set aside $125,000, for single applicant, to cover compulsory contributions, processing fees, and other fees related to due diligence and passport issuance.

The new entrepreneur’s visa program has a specific schedule of financial commitments and fees of its own. There are also program-specific requirements for real estate investors or for making contributions to the Dominican Economic Development Fund.

Dominica’s New Entrepreneur Visa Program

The new program fast-tracks entrepreneurs to grant you near-immediate access to Dominica, granting you a 2-year residency permit within 45 days of your application’s final approval. After this 2-year period, you will be eligible to apply for permanent naturalization so long as you continue to meet and maintain the program’s requirements.

You can choose one or more of the following three options for investment as an entrepreneur seeking a Dominican passport:

  • Making an equity-level investment in a public or private sector venture within the Commonwealth, subject to government approval
  • Investing in a pre-existing government-approved company by way of the Dominican Investment Fund, starting at a $50,000 commitment.
  • Investing in a startup company registered within the Commonwealth supporting a minimum of three full-time employees, starting at a $100,000 commitment.

Additionally, you’ll be required to deposit a minimum of $100,000 with a Dominican financial institution, even if you choose to invest through the DIF at the $50,000 level. However, you may draw down these funds as needed during your 2-year residency so long as you maintain your banking relationship in the Commonwealth.

You must also spend at least three months (90 days) out of each calendar year during the period covered by your 2-year residency permit.

Benefits of Citizenship-by-Investment for Entrepreneurs

The new entrepreneurship visa program offers a few advantages over the existing Dominica citizenship-by-investment schemes previously available to foreign investors:

  • Residency for your entire family, including dependents and siblings up to age 25 (so long as you can prove significant financial dependence)
  • An accelerated path to full Dominica citizenship
  • Reduced application processing and approval time frame
  • Lenient requirements for new citizens choosing to live abroad
  • Simplified business & tax planning in the Caribbean
  • Visa-free travel to CARICOM and EU nations, as well as dozens of others
  • Favourable tax requirements and safe havens for international investment funds

Of course, there are other attractive benefits to obtaining a Dominica passport and permanent citizenship, no matter which path to residency you choose.  The Commonwealth is peaceful and enjoys low crime rates, low pollution, and clean water.

Dominica is a politically stable nation with a high standard of living, a comfortable tropical climate, and stunning natural scenery as well as developed beach resorts and seaside properties. The Commonwealth is proud to be one of the most desirable Caribbean nations inviting foreign investors to obtain citizenship and enjoy life in the tropics.

Other Paths to Dominican Citizenship by Investment

If the entrepreneur’s visa isn’t the best choice for your investment needs, there are two other paths to obtaining a Dominica passport you can pursue instead. We’ve laid out the costs and requirements below.

Dominica Government Fund Contributions

Commitments to the Economic Diversification Fund start off at $100,000 and is subject to increases if your application includes more than three dependents. These donated funds are used to fund important national infrastructure projects, hospitals, schools, and agricultural operations. Additionally, the EDF uses this government fund for the development of Dominica’s bustling tourism industry.

Processing fees total $25,000 plus an additional $15,000 per dependent. Then, expect to pay $7,500 for due diligence procedures for yourself and as much as $4,000 per dependent.

Real Estate Investment Within Dominica

You may also choose a direct investment in real estate to gain Dominican citizenship. This investment option primarily serves the Dominican tourism industry, with most government-approved CBI organizations, including resorts, hotels, villas, and other luxury properties.

Real estate investments start off at a minimum amount of $200,000 and must be committed to a government-approved business or organization. Additionally, you’re required to carry ownership of your real estate investment property for a minimum of 3 years to qualify for permanent citizenship.

There is a government processing fee of $25,000 for individual applicants for real estate investment, rising as high as $70,000 for applicants with multiple dependents.

How to Apply for the Entrepreneur’s Program for Dominica Citizenship and Visa-Free Travel

Applying for Dominica citizenship and your new Dominica passport is quick and easy, but it’s not a process you can go through alone.

First and foremost, individuals may not merely apply on their own. You’re required to apply through an authorized agency like Bluemina in order to ensure your application is prepared successfully. Additionally, this helps the Dominican CBIU to screen for fraudulent applications before they spend time and resources vetting each applicant.

As a result, the Commonwealth doesn’t offer a simple online form for application. However, Bluemina makes online consulting and application fast and easy so they can take care of the more complicated application submission procedures for you.

While your application must be submitted in English, Bluemina is here to help CBI applicants of all backgrounds to apply appropriately regardless of their language skills.

The application process is 100% confidential, and your information will only be shared with authorized due-diligence agencies and Dominica’s international partners for verifying claims on your application.

Your information will not be shared with or otherwise sold to third parties.

Required Application Documents for Dominica Citizenship

To meet the application requirements for Dominica, Bluemina will need your existing passport, your birth certificate, and authorization to view police records in your nation of citizenship as well as other territories where you may have resided.

You’ll be required to provide proof of a recent medical examination, too.

If you’re a real estate investor, you must enter a purchase agreement to reserve an investment property prior to approval in order to demonstrate a good-faith commitment.

This purchase agreement is then subject to the final approval of your application.

You’ll also be required to provide the following documentation:

  • Copy of your driver’s license
  • Copy of any military service & discharge documents
  • Copy of any marriage certificate, dissolution of marriage documents, and any other documents that are demonstrating a legal name change.
  • Proof of existing residency
  • Copies of educational documents (diplomas/degrees)
  • For child dependents, a letter of recommendation from the head of a school or university or a letter confirming their existing enrollment in an educational institution
  • HIV screening & routine blood/urine screening
  • A professional letter of reference
  • Current employment & financial records
  • Bank statements from the past year
  • A current business resume/CV
  • A notarized affidavit of the source of your investment funds
  • A letter to the Minister of Dominica

The Dominica CBIU office may request any further personal & business documentation as it sees fit to verify your application forms, mainly if you are a citizen or resident of Sudan, North Korea, or Iran.

Note that a few former documentation requirements have been waived. You will no longer need to provide:

  • Personal references
  • An immunization schedule
  • Bank references or audited financial reports

Bluemina is here to help with the accurate preparation of all application documents. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine if you’re eligible for Dominica citizenship and for help with any questions with the application process.

What to Expect After You Apply for Citizenship

After you submit your application, the CBIU will review your file and conduct the appropriate due diligence checks to verify your information. Upon completion of this review, your authorized agent at Bluemina will be sent an official letter with the determination of your approval, rejection, or any delays for further processing.

Should you be granted this “approval in principle,” the CBIU will work directly with your authorized agent to fill in any gaps in your information and finalize your approval. Dominica doesn’t require an interview for all applicants, though the CBIU may request one at their discretion.

If your final approval is granted, you’ll be directed to make your financial contribution to the EDF or your approved real estate investment property. Once this payment is confirmed with the CBIU, you’ll receive your official certificate of registration, which grants you permission to apply for your Dominica passport.

Let Bluemina Help With Dominica Citizenship-by-Investment

If you’re looking for visa-free travel by way of Dominica citizenship, Bluemina’s experts are available to make the application process a breeze. You can’t apply without the aid of an authorized agency, so you can trust our team to handle this lengthy process for you so you can stay focused on your business.

Whether you choose to make an EDF contribution, establish a real estate investment, or participate in the new entrepreneur’s visa program, we can help you find your new home in Dominica.

Contact us now for a free consultation to learn more about how Bluemina makes it easier than ever to apply for visa-free travel through a passport of Dominica and naturalization inside the Commonwealth.