Turkey Citizenship

European Citizenship

Turkey may be recognized as one of the most fascinating countries rich with culture and history. Being well situated in the region, having neighboring countries such as Syria, Iran, Iraq and Greece. In 2018, the Turkish government introduced the new fast track citizenship program of Turkey. The new regulation allows citizenship-by-investment though the acquisition of immovable property.


1.  Investment in Immovable Property:

Purchase one or multiple properties for the value of $250,000 (i.e.: land, residential, commercial, office apartment and immovable property).
The property must be held for a period of three years.
Property taxes apply depending on type and location.

2.   Capital Investment:

Deposit a minimum of $500,000 in a State investment instrument or state banks operating in Turkey.
The amount must be held and not withdrawn for three years.


  • A lifetime citizenship granted in 6 months.
  • No minimum residency required
  • Full medical assistance included
  • Pension programs are available
  • Free Education and university reimbursement plans
  • Visa free travel to 113 countries
  • Future access without visa to EU, and Schengen
  • A solid investment with rental returns


Obtain a lifetime citizenship
in a few months, which offers
you freedom of movement
and travel; Your chance to
become a global citizen;
while enjoying a tax free