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The Golden Visa is a permanent European Residency by real estate investment. Bluemina offers three Golden visa Programs starting at €150,000: Portugal Golden Visa, Greece Golden Visa and Cyprus Golden Visa.
The cost and the investment paths available differ from one citizenship by investment program to another.Caribbean Citizenship by Investment Programs start at $100,000 and offer two investment schemes: either a government contribution or a real estate investment.European Citizenship by Investment Programs are more costly, starting at €220,000 and offering only the real estate investment path.
Most citizenship by investment programs don’t require investor to fulfil any physical residency requirements during the application process or even after the citizenship is obtained.However, some programs such as European Citizenship by investment require investor to visit the county in order to swear the Oath.
Many investors apply for second citizenship by investment to reap a variety of geopolitical, economic and convenience benefits including:Visa-free travel to more than 150 countries Second Citizenship with full rights and benefits Lifetime Citizenship which can be passed on to future generations by descent Tax Facilitation Premium Healthcare and Education
The timeline and procedure differ from one program to another. But generally speaking, you will receive your European Residency by Investment within 3 to 12 months while residency in the United States via the EB5 program usually takes up to 18 months.
The timeline and procedure differ from one program to another. But generally speaking, you can expect to receive your Caribbean Second Passport within 4 to 6 months and your European Passport within 8 months.
No, your second citizenship will be yours for life. Citizenship by investment programs offer a lifetime second citizenship.
Yes, all citizenship by investment programs will allow you to add dependent children and dependent parents under the same application. The age cap differs according to each program.
No, you will still keep your current nationality when applying for second citizenship. All citizenship by investment programs offered at Bluemina permit dual citizenship.


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