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Bluemina is a company that has been established in 1997 that specializes in providing citizenship and residency solutions to individuals and families seeking a better future. Bluemina offers a range of second passport and golden visa programs from different countries around the world.

Bluemina’s years of expertise in providing second citizenship services have earned us the trust and loyalty of our clients, enabling us to expand our business as an Official Marketing Agent. In fact, in January 2023, the Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Board selected Bluemina as one of their global marketing agents.

Citizenship and Residency by Investment

Citizenship by investment (CBI) is a process where an individual can acquire citizenship of a country by investing in its economy. Typically, this involves investing a significant amount of money in the country's real estate, government bonds, or other economic programs.

The Golden Visa is a permanent European Residency obtained through real estate investment. Bluemina offers three Golden Visa Programs, including the Portugal Golden Visa, Greece Golden Visa, and Cyprus Golden Visa. These programs start at €150,000 and provide investors with the opportunity to invest in real estate and obtain permanent residency in Europe. The Golden Visa can offer several benefits, such as visa-free travel within the Schengen area and access to healthcare and education systems.

Bluemina's experts can provide personalized advice on the most suitable program for your specific needs, taking into account your citizenship, financial situation, and long-term goals.

The cost of obtaining citizenship or residency through Bluemina varies depending on the specific program chosen, the country of choice, and individual circumstances. Fees typically include government fees, legal fees, and processing fees. The minimum investment cost begins at $100,000 dollars.
FAQs for CBI Programs
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Second Passport and Dual Citizenship

Obtaining a second passport through investment can offer several benefits. Firstly, it can grant you visa-free travel to more countries, depending on the country that issues the passport. This can be beneficial for business or leisure travel and can save you time and money by eliminating the need for visa applications and fees. Additionally, a second passport can provide greater personal and financial privacy, as some countries offer greater privacy protections for their citizens. Another advantage is that having a second passport can provide a safety net in case of political instability, social unrest, or economic downturns in your home country. Finally, a second passport can expand your investment opportunities and open new markets for your business. Overall, obtaining dual citizenship through investment can provide greater freedom, security, and opportunities for individuals and their families.

The timeline and procedure can vary depending on the program. Generally, you can expect to receive your Caribbean Second Passport within 4 to 6 months and your European Passport within 8 months. It's important to note that these are estimated timelines and may be affected by factors such as the complexity of your application and the volume of applications being processed.

Yes, you can add dependent children and dependent parents under the same application for all citizenship by investment programs. However, the age limit for dependents may vary depending on the program. It's recommended to check the specific requirements of your chosen program to determine who qualifies as a dependent and what age limit applies. Adding family members to your application can provide them with the same benefits and opportunities as you, such as visa-free travel and increased financial and personal security.

For most citizenship by investment programs, there are no physical residency requirements that investors must fulfill during or after the application process. However, some programs such as European Citizenship by Investment may require investors to visit the country in order to swear an oath.

No, your second citizenship obtained through a citizenship by investment program is a lifetime citizenship, meaning that you will retain it permanently.

No, you can retain your existing nationality when seeking a second citizenship through Bluemina's citizenship by investment programs, as all of their programs allow for dual citizenship.

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