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 Permanent Residency in Months


Invest in a beautiful property in Europe and obtain permanent residency for your self and family in a few short months. A residency in Europe will allow you to travel throughout the Schengen area freely.

A better Quality of Life


With a golden visa, enjoy the benefits of living, traveling, studying and working anywhere in Europe. It’s an opportunity to learn and discover European culture and immerse in new languages.  With the option of living in Europe, you’ll have access world-class healthcare and education.



The Golden Visa Program gives you the opportunity to own a property in Europe. This property becomes your home away from home. As it is optional, Golden visa holders may decide whether to live permanent in Europe or visit as they please.  Generally, Golden Visa is a great solution to protect yourself and family from the uncertain and instable political nuances in the region.

Invest Abroad


Become a global citizen by investing in property abroad. Benefit from diversifying your asset base internationally. Purchase property in Europe and benefit from rental and property returns.

Golden Visa and Permanent Residency In Europe


Portugal has beautiful and scenic cities rich in history and culture. The Golden Visa can be obtained by purchasing real estate in any of the cities of Portugal

Cyprus PR

A beautiful country located along the Mediterranean Sea, own a property in beach from cities across Cyprus. Cyprus has something to offer every month …

Malta PR

Full of culture and a scenic city, obtain permanent residency in Malta through a three-part investment. Malta’s Golden Visa can be obtained in less than one year.


A beautiful mix of busy city and relaxing Islands, Greece’s permanent residency may be obtained through property investment. Greece is the perfect place for …

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