How to obtain a second passport from Saint Lucia

How to obtain a second passport from Saint Lucia
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  • Jan 13, 2021

The Saint Lucia citizenship by investment program was established in 2015. The program has been one of most approachable investment with wide range of benefits. Not only achieving your aim to enter various destinations visa free but securing the future of yours and your loved ones.

The program enables the applicant to obtain Saint Lucia’s passport and citizenship within 4 to 6 months and provides you the best and an easy experience within the process

Qualifications to obtain Saint Lucia passport

Like any other investment program, the primary qualification for Saint Lucia program is the ability to have the investment amount. Following the below qualifications:

-The applicant must be above 18 years old.

-The applicant must not have any criminal record.

-The applicant must hold a valid passport.

-The applicant must complete a medical examination (medical laboratories).

Investment options approved by the Saint Lucia government

The first option: The Donation option

The applicant can make a one-time contribution to the government fund to obtain Saint Lucia citizenship and a life time passport. The option requires the lowest investment amount starting from $100,000

The Second option: Real estate investment option

The applicant is required to purchase a government approved property with the amount of at least $300,000 keeping it for a specified period of time and then selling it.

The Third option: Government Bonds

The applicant can obtain Saint Lucia passport by purchasing government bonds with the value of $500,000 (the amount has been reduced to 250,000 due to the outbreak of COVID-19) this amount is for an individual, excluding the family.

The process of file submission

1-By getting a free consultation from one of our experts in Bluemina providing you the best investment path.

2-Required documents should be prepared and submitted to the Saint Lucia’s government in order to get in the Due Diligence phase with the help of our experts

3-Receiving the approval letter and transferring the investment amount.

4-Issuing Saint Lucia citizenship certificates and passport for the applicant and family.

Bluemina serves investors around the world and in particular the Middle East region ensuring the client to obtain the passport in a legal and guaranteed manner. Get your free consultation by clicking here   to know more about our programs.