The premium citizenship by investment for today’s modern-day investor

The premium citizenship by investment for today’s modern-day investor
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  • Apr 14, 2022

The traditional approach to acquiring another passport was limited to immigration programs only, however, the past few years have witnessed a new trend moving more towards citizenship by investment programmes. This shift in preference makes it faster and easier for you as an investor to obtain a powerful second passport without the need to uproot your entire life and move from one country to another, meaning that you can benefit from the advantages of dual nationality, without going through the hassle of logistics and additional costs of living.

Applying for a citizenship by investment program allows you as a modern-day investor to get the benefits of dual nationality and all the freedom that comes along with it without altering the stability of your personal or professional life. This alongside various other reasons were all factors that encouraged the shift in the dual citizenship mentality towards citizenship through investment programs rather than immigration programs. Paid Content Covid-19: Greece Lifts Restrictions For Summer Tourism Season

One of the most important benefits that you need to know about, is the global mobility that a highly ranked passport offers. Some passports might be quite restrictive when it comes to visa-free access, which may delay or make international investment opportunities harder, hence causing uncalled for lost opportunities that you might have capitalized on if you had the flexibility to travel and move across countries. Not to mention the massive amounts of time and money saved on visa applications.

Nevertheless, the pace at which businesses are being conducted nowadays requires that businessmen and women of today have the freedom of movement and mobility to be able to close deals faster and conduct daily operations more efficiently, making the need for a second stronger nationality more of a necessity than a luxury across the globe and specifically for investors in the MENA region.

Acquiring a second passport through investment programmes brings you a wide range of benefits that will elevate both your business and personal life. Aside from the freedom of movement across more than 160 countries, getting a second passport opens the gate to unlimited financial and investment opportunities that will boost your business.

Investing in a second higher ranking passport opens new business and financial opportunities, especially since you will be offered the chance to conduct business in the host country via investments and offshore bank accounts that will become available to you to manage those investments. Moreover, as a citizen of the country, you can diversify your asset base by owning property and other tangible assets that will support and boost your business, or even have personal investments that will benefit you and your family.

You as an investor can also benefit from a tax management perspective by having dual citizenship. Many countries with citizenship by investment programs are considered tax havens due to their extremely favorable tax rates that you will be able to benefit from when conducting your business. Dual citizenship also opens the gate to tax optimization benefits from the country since some countries only apply taxes on income that is earned exclusively from that country. This will allow you to manage your financials more efficiently and effectively.

On the personal front, citizenship by investment offers you and your family access to international world-class healthcare services and education opportunities, in addition to many other benefits. Having a strong second passport from a stable country puts your mind at ease in case of any kind of political unrest, which is a priceless form of insurance. It also provides you with access to the best schools and universities across the globe and at domestic rather than international tuition fee rates to guarantee a higher educational foundation. Nowadays, most of the citizenship by investment programs offered now are also available to your family, hence allowing you to secure a better overall future and quality of life for your spouse and children.

Bluemina Citizenship and Residency has been a leader in the arena of citizenship and residency by investment solutions since it began its operations more than 25 years ago and offers over 16 citizenship or residency programs with unlimited benefits and continues its efforts to bring to its client’s unsurpassed levels of service that are custom-tailored to meet your investment needs. One of the best citizenship programs offered by Bluemina is St Kitts and Nevis program, as it is distinguished in the number of countries you can travel to with your St Kitts passport and the rapidness of the procedure to obtain the citizenship itself. Furthermore, Bluemina offers other exceptional citizenship programs from countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Grenada, and St Lucia, which are located in the Caribbean and offer investors a powerful commonwealth passport. Bluemina also offers a variety of residency programs that will grant you a golden visa or a permanent residency in Europe. Countries of these programs are Portugal, Greece, Malta and Cyprus.

Said, one of Bluemina’s clients, has obtained a St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship and provided his entire family with strong second passports. A few years ago, he expanded his business in Europe as he saw the great success that led him to the ability to register his children in one of England’s greatest universities and grant them a brighter future.

Today Bluemina is operating with a staff of over 100 skilled employees, expert advisors and consultants working in more than 10 branches across the Middle East and North Africa; in addition to its most recently launched virtual office.

Bluemina’s highly professional expert advisors are ready to guide you through the process of obtaining your powerful second passport today by choosing the investment program that suits your budget and your needs.

Contact Bluemina today to get the Citizenship by Investment programme that is tailored to your needs.