Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Bluemina Citizenship and Immigration respects and keeps all our client information confidential. Our staff undergoes ongoing team training, which reinforces our client confidentiality policy. In rare cases, when we believe a third party can facilitate the service we provide for our clients, we disclose only must-need information. This is only with the intention of catering to the utmost quality and efficiency to our clients. We have strict regulations for client privacy thus; all information saved electronically is safeguarded and 100% secure.

We may use your personal information to contact you with promotional material and newsletter. You may opt out at any point.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us: or call +962 6 592 0960

General Disclaimer

Bluemina reserves the rights to remove or modify any content on the website without prior notice. The current information on the website is often reviewed to insure its accuracy, however, Bluemina is not responsible for any errors appearing on the Website. Bluemina does not endorse all links to other websites. Through the material of this Website, Bluemina does not offer legal advice. We cannot guarantee the availability of each citizenship program at any given time.

The information on this Internet site is meant to offer a general idea of citizenship programs. The government fees are constantly subject to change; Bluemina is not responsible for changes in fees.


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