Information on passport programs and permanent residency by investment




Second Passport & Citizenship Programs
CountryPassport RankRequired TimeGovernment Funds (starting at)
Real Estate (starting at)
Other Options (starting at)
Dependent Children*Dependent ParentSiblingsVisa free Travel
Saint Lucia324-6 MonthsUSD 100,000USD 300,000-<30>55<18147+
Grenada338 MonthsUSD 150,000USD 220,000USD 135,000<25>55Any age146+
Saint Kitts & Nevis258 MonthsUSD 125,000USD 200,000USD 400,000<25>65<25157+
Montenegro466 Months-(Part Donation): EUR 450,000-<21NoNo124+
Malta812 MonthsEUR 740,000 Property Purchase: Min. of EUR 700,000 OR Property Rental: Min. of EUR 16,000 for 5 years "--Any Age>55No185+
North Macedonia456 MonthsEUR 200,000--<18NoNo125+
Turkey544 Months-USD 400,000-<18NoNo110+
Vanuatu584 MonthsUSD 130,000--<25>50No98+
Antigua & Barbuda308 MonthsUSD 125,000- University of the West Indies USD 150,000<30>55Any Age151+
Permanent Residency Programs
CountryPermanent ResidencyRequired TimeReal Estate (starting at)
Other Options (starting at)Dependent Children*Dependent ParentSiblingsVisa Free TravelPhysical Visit
Portugal Golden Visa6 Years/ Lifetime6 MonthsCommercial RE: EUR 280,000 OR EUR 350,000-<25>55No267 Days/ Year or 14 Days/2 Years
Malta PR5 Years/ Lifetime8 MonthsEUR 120,000 Property Purchase: Min. of EUR 300,000 - EUR 350,000 OR EUR 150,000 Property Rental: Min. of EUR 10,000 or EUR 12,000/ Year-Any AgeAny AgeNo26One Visit for Biometrics
Greece Golden Visa5 Years/ Lifetime6 MonthsEUR 250,000-<21Any AgeNo26One Visit for Biometrics
USA EB-5Lifetime24 MonthsUSD 800,000<21NoNoUSANeed to reside
Canada SUVLifetime14 Months-USD 190,000<22NoNo12Need to reside
Cyprus PR5 Years/ Lifetime3-6 Months EUR 100,000 (Regular Track 12-18 Months) EUR 300,000 (Fast track 3-6 Months)<21Yes, For Fast Track OptionNoCyprusOne Visit for Biometrics
*Age Limit for dependent unmarried children
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