Why Obtain Residency by Investment?

Permanent Residency in Months

Invest in a beautiful real estate property in Europe and obtain permanent residency for yourself and your family in a few short months. A permanent European residence card will allow you and your family to travel throughout the Schengen region freely. You can obtain your European PR in as little as 3-8 months.

A Better Quality of Life

With a European permanent residency such as the Golden Visa you will enjoy the benefits of living, traveling, studying and working anywhere in Europe. It is an opportunity to learn and discover European culture and immerse yourself in new cultures and languages. Moreover, with the option of living in Europe available to you, you'll always have access to world-class healthcare and education.


The Golden Visa Program gives you the opportunity to own property in Europe. This property becomes your home away from home. As it is optional, Golden visa holders may decide whether to live permanently in Europe or make occasional visits as they please. Generally, a Golden Visa is a great solution to protect yourself and your family from the uncertain and unstable geopolitical conditions in the region.

Invest Abroad

Become a global citizen by investing in property abroad and benefit from diversifying your asset base internationally. When purchasing a property in Europe, you will recieve your European permanent residency card or Golden Visa within months, and you will also be able to receive rental property returns soon after.

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RBI Programs

Obtain Your Permanent Residency

Residency by Investment Programs (Golden Visa Programs)

Residency by Investment programs are the path for investors and families to acquire a long-term permanent resident status of a country by making the necessary investment. It allows the PR card holder to legally reside in the host country without being a citizen. However, in some cases it can also lead to citizenship by naturalization once the resident has lived in that country for a certain number of years. Permanent Residence by Investment, also known as Golden Visa programs, allow high-net-worth individuals, investors, and families to access full residence rights, which include the right to relocate, live, work, study, and receive healthcare in the new country of residency. Leading Residence by Investment programs are the best solution for wealthy individuals looking to expand their business opportunities and increase their wealth while protecting it. Golden Visa programs give investors and their families the option of physically relocating to a new country, the ability to open businesses and companies freely worldwide, and have greater mobility. Also, having permanent residency in a European country gives the investor a plan B for him and his family and gives them access to world-class healthcare and education. Alongside global mobility, golden visa programs provide a safe haven and give investors a stable country as well as protection from political and economic volatilities.

Which Countries Grant Permanent Residency?

Residence by Investment programs offered to high-net-worth individuals and families worldwide include the following countries: Austria, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Greece, Hong Kong, Italy, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States of America. Bluemina Citizenship & Residency offers legal services and advice on residence by investment programs for top countries in the world. Portugal, Greece, and Cyprus are considered the most successful European permanent residency programs. They allow non-European individuals and families to benefit from high quality of life, favorable business and tax environment, and the possibility of obtaining a lifetime citizenship. Canada Start-Up Visa and United States of America EB-5 are amongst the top programs for global entrepreneurs and families thriving to obtain a permanent residency and relocate. These countries are known for their high standards of living and outstanding business opportunities.

Golden Visa vs. Golden Passport

Residency through investment or Golden Visa programs grant wealthy individuals and families a residence permit in a foreign country in return for their investment. On the other hand, Citizenship and Golden Passport programs provide investors with lifetime citizenship and golden passport of the country in which they have invested in.

Most popular EU Member States that issue Golden Visas or Residency by Investment programs include Greece, Portugal, and Malta. Families and high-net-worth individuals have the option of relocating to the country, however it is not mandatory to live there in order to maintain or renew the residence permit. Nevertheless, investors need to visit the country once for biometrics. In order to receive citizenship in a certain EU State via a golden visa program like Greece, the investor must actually live and spend a specific amount of time in the country. The investor is looking at seven years of continuous residency to be eligible.

Golden Visa programs are another way of obtaining a European passport in return of an investment. Investors and rich families do not need to live in the EU State in which they invested in order to receive citizenship. For example, Portugal Golden Visa program grants citizenship five years after making the initial investment.

Bluemina provides legal consultancy services when it comes to golden visa programs, helping hundreds of non-European families receive their permanent residency cards.

Residency by Property Investment

Wealthy individuals and families buy property abroad for a variety of reasons, such as having the option of relocating and living in the selected country at any time, as well as the right to work, study and receive healthcare in the new country of residence. Golden Visa or Residence by property investment programs can provide high-net-worth investors with these benefits, and more.

Residency by property investment programs like Malta, Portugal and Greece offer investors and families freedom of movement within Europe’s Schengen Area, as well as a pathway to safety, security, and excellent standards of living.

For instance, acquiring a premium real estate and property in Greece through the Golden Visa Program allows non-EU investors and wealthy families to obtain permanent residence permits in Greece within six months only, and may be renewed every five years when maintaining the property. Malta Permanent Residence by property investment on the other hand, is a reasonable option for applicants looking to receive Maltese lifetime residence certificate and permit within eight months.

The residence permit by property investment in Portugal offers investors favorable terms; where they can choose a commercial approved real estate option and include in the same application spouse and financially dependent children under the age of twenty-five, as well as parents above the age of fifty-five. The investment property can be selected remotely.

Steps and Requirements for obtaining the Golden Visa

Hundreds of thousands of non-EU families and wealthy individuals successfully obtained their Residence permits and Golden Visa through investment from European countries like Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Greece, Spain, Cyprus and Malta, allowing them to relocate and live in a safe country with high quality of life, as well as enjoying the many benefits like visa-free travel to the Schengen area, tax optimization, and in some cases the option of becoming a full citizen:

Bluemina Citizenship and Residency helped many high-net-worth individuals and families obtain Golden Visa and Permanent Residency cards in Portugal, Greece, Malta and Cyprus since the mid-nineties.

To qualify for any of the European Residency and Golden Visa programs, the investor can apply directly through an authorized and government-approved agent like Bluemina, and must fulfil specific requirements:

  • Applicant should be non-European or non-Swiss or non-EEA.
  • Provide all proper documentation, such as copy of a passport or other government-issued travel documents
  • Make the minimum investment amount.
  • Have a clean criminal record.
  • Visit and spend a minimum number of days in the country as requested.

Summarized below are the Golden Visa application process steps:

  • Step One: Onboard and decide on the Investment type.
  • Step Two: Gather all necessary documents.
  • Step Three: Open a bank account.
  • Step Four: Finalize the investment.
  • Step Five: Submit the application.
  • Step Six: Schedule and attend biometric appointment.
  • Step Seven: Golden Visa residence cards issuance and renewal.
  • Step Eight: Apply to become a citizen after a few years.