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Canada offers a Start-up Visa program which allows investors to obtain a permanent status in Canada for themselves and their families while targeting entrepreneurs with skills to build certain businesses in Canada and create jobs for Canadians.


Investment Scheme

- Make the necessary investment starting at USD 190,000

- Investor needs to have a minimum 10% shares in a federally approved company in a specific industry identified by the government.

- A total of five investors can apply as owners of one company; with one investor chosen as the head of the company (Best-suited for the position as per investor’s qualifications).

- Previous business ownership and management is an asset but not required.

Benefits of Canada Start-up Investor Program

  • Employment Insurance Benefits and Leave such as maternity, parental, sickness and caregiving.
  • Family and Caregiving Benefits that help with the costs of raising children, that includes children with disabilities.
  • Canada Pension Plan: Old Age Security pension and other related benefits.
  • Student Aid and education planning.
  • Housing Benefits such as new housing rebate, financial assistance to repair your home, improve accessibility of housing for disabled occupants, and increase your homeland’s energy-efficiency.
  • Disability Benefits including disability pensions and children’s benefits, savings plans and a gasoline tax refund program.
  • Investors can extend the application to family members who are dependents such as spouses and children under the age of 22.


  • Applicant must hold a valid passport.
  • Applicants must not hold a criminal record.
  • Investors will incorporate a start-up business with a Canadian government approved angel investor.  Applicants must pass an interview with the Angel Investor in order to obtain the letter of support.
  • Applicants must provide documents supporting the source and path of the declared funds for investment.
  • Children must be 22 years old or less.
  • Applicants must hold moderate proficiency in English or French: CLB5.

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*Visa upon Arrival / ** E-visa
Timeline and Procedure

Day 1
Step 1
Questionnaire to be submitted by the investor after assessing with the lawyer and preparing the business plan
Month 1
Step 2
Application is matched with an angel investor
Month 2-3
Step 3
Investor has to meet with the angel investor and get approval
Month 4-5
Step 4
Letter of support to be issued by the angel investor
Month 12-14
Step 5
Application for permanent residence is submitted for the family
Step 6
Investor can apply to get a work permit after the interview approval and before submitting the PR application