Russian Cabinet Endorses Permanent Residency by Investment Program Scheme

The Russian Federation is making a huge step up as its Cabinet endorsed a bill to approve permanent residency by investment. In the midst of hardships caused by COVID-19, such a decision is an economic uplift. Back in November 2020, Russia’s government unveiled plans to introduce a residency by investment program.

To obtain a permanent residency in Russia, individuals will either be making an investment of around $131,900.00 minimum in the national economy or $396,000.00 in bonds or real estate.

This decision is beneficial not only to the main applicant, but also to their families who will also be getting privileges through the permanent residency in the country.

Bluemina Citizenship & Residency believes that such steps are needed, as every individual deserves a chance to have the best life and best benefits. Bluemina has been providing citizenship by investment and residency by investment programs since 1997 when it first started operating. Bluemina offers over 16 programs, providing a second passport and a permanent residency for the best quality of life.

Residency by investment in Europe has been flourishing, with Malta Permanent Residence by investment being one of the best within the EU with great benefits including life-time access to Schengen countries, visa-free travel and no tax on overseas income. Cyprus permanent residency by investment also gives individuals the benefit of having an outstanding European residency as one of its privileges is the freedom of traveling and working freely within other EU countries.

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Author : Rasha Seikaly