Saint Kitts & Nevis Limited Time Offer 2023

The Saint Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Unit (CIU) announced a new set of guidelines on December 27, 2022, which will affect the administrative structure of the unit as well as the cost of investment options and fees required to obtain St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment. These changes are part of the program restructuring, which began on January 1st, 2023. Dr. Terrance Drew, Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis first discussed the restructuring while on a trip to Dubai from November 29th to December 3rd, 2022.

Amendments to the Saint Kitts CBI Program

These amendments will make the St. Kitts and Nevis CBI program offer four options for obtaining St. Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment on the island:

1) Investing in the Sustainable Growth Fund

2) Buying government-approved real estate

3) Buying a private home, or

4) Investing in the Public Good Investment Option

Saint Kitts & Nevis Limited Time Offer on Sustainable Growth Fund

The first solution for obtaining a dual citizenship in Saint Kitts and Nevis is to make a non-refundable contribution to the country’s Sustainable Growth Fund (SGF), which supports infrastructure projects, national culture, tourism, healthcare, and education. Expenses for this CBI option will be reduced under the upcoming amendments for all investments made between January 1st and June 30th during 2023.

The following fees apply to this Limited Time Offer (LTO):

  • Single applicant: USD 125,000
  • Main applicant and spouse: USD 150,000
  • Family of four (main applicant, spouse, and two dependents): USD 170,000
  • Additional dependent under the age of 18: USD 10,000
  • Additional dependent over the age of 18: USD 25,000

Why Take Advantage of the Saint Kitts & Nevis Limited Time Offer?

Applications submitted under the LTO will not only benefit from a reduction on the minimum amount of SGF contribution payable by applicants, but they will also be eligible for the Accelerated Application Process (AAP), which will shorten the processing timeframe.

Also, these modifications reflect a USD 25,000 reduction in CBI fees for the SGF donation option for all basic applicant categories. However, the fees for additional dependents over the age of 18 have increased for families with four or more members. The previous fee for each additional dependent was USD 10,000, regardless of age.

After this Limited Time Offer expires, CBI donation fees will revert to their previously established amounts. When this occurs, the minimum donation amounts for investments in the Sustainable Growth Fund will be implemented on July 1st, 2023 as follows:

  • Single applicant: USD 150,000
  • Main applicant and spouse: USD 175,000
  • Family of four (main applicant, spouse, and two dependents): USD 195,000
  • Additional dependent under 18: USD 10,000
  • Additional dependent over 18: USD 25,000

Dual Citizenship Route

Having a second passport and citizenship has numerous advantages that can change the course of your life for the better. Saint Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment program is one of the leading programs in the industry alongside Saint Lucia, and Grenada.

One of the fastest ways to obtain dual citizenship is by investing in a Saint Lucia passport. The passport can be obtained within 4 to 6 months, and it gives you access to first-class healthcare and education systems around the world. Also, Saint Lucia citizenship allows you to travel visa-free to more than 147 countries around the world including the UK, Europe, the Schengen Area. Saint Lucia is part of the Commonwealth of nations, and it recognizes dual citizenship, which can prove advantageous for tax exemptions and business expansion.

Other benefits of Saint Lucia passport include:

  • A lifetime citizenship that will be available to future generations by descent
  • The right to reside, work, and study in Saint Lucia
  • The ability to include family members in the application; spouse, children, parents and siblings
  • A security for you and your family in the case of economic and political instability
  • No residency or interview requirements in order to obtain or maintain the Saint Lucian citizenship and passport

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