Saudi Arabia to Introduce Special Visa for World Expo 2030

KSA Expo 2030
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  • Feb 08, 2024

Saudi Arabia is gearing up to launch a specialized visa for the highly anticipated World Expo 2030. This move aims to simplify access to the grand event and ensure a seamless transition from air travel to the exhibition grounds. With an expected investment of nearly $8 billion, Saudi Arabia is committed to transforming a significant portion of its capital, Riyadh, into a sprawling event venue spanning 6.6 square kilometers.

The Kingdom’s successful bid to host the World Expo 2030 signals a major milestone for the country. This global event, often compared to the scale of the Olympic Games, is expected to attract 40 million visitors from around the world. It presents an unparalleled opportunity for Saudi Arabia to showcase its ongoing modernization efforts and highlight its position as a leading destination for business and leisure.

The World Expo 2030 in Saudi Arabia will be held in Riyadh, the country’s capital. The exhibition grounds will cover an impressive area of 6.6 square kilometers, providing ample space for innovative pavilions, cultural displays, and immersive experiences. This significant investment of nearly $8 billion demonstrates Saudi Arabia’s commitment to creating a world-class event that will leave a lasting impact.

World Expos have a proven track record of catalyzing economic growth and development in host cities. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the Expo is expected to stimulate various sectors, including tourism, construction, real estate, and investment. The UAE’s Expo in 2021 injected $33 billion into the nation’s economy over 20 years, with $6 billion directly attributed to expenditures on hotels and business services during the six-month period of the Expo.

Saudi Arabia’s decision to introduce a specialized visa for World Expo 2030 follows a trend in the Middle East of event-specific visa initiatives. A notable example is the Hayya Card introduced during the FIFA World Cup hosted in Qatar. This tailored visa facilitated significant interregional travel and set the stage for the anticipated introduction of a unified visa system within the Cooperation Council of the Gulf (GCC) region.

World Expos have a profound impact on host cities, driving development and leaving a lasting legacy. These global events attract millions of visitors, sparking advancements in various sectors. The upcoming World Expo in Saudi Arabia will be the second in the region, following the successful Dubai exhibition in 2021.

The hosting of a World Expo presents a unique opportunity for countries to attract foreign direct investment and boost their economies. In the case of Saudi Arabia, the Expo is expected to generate significant economic growth through increased tourism, infrastructure development, and business opportunities. The staggering $1.3 trillion worth of projects currently in the pipeline in Saudi Arabia underscores the scale of investment and development efforts in the region.

Saudi Arabia sees the World Expo 2030 as a platform to highlight its ongoing modernization efforts. The Kingdom has been actively implementing reforms and initiatives to diversify its economy, improve social conditions, and promote cultural exchange. The Expo will serve as a global stage for Saudi Arabia to showcase its progress and embrace its vision for the future.

World Expos emphasize sustainability and innovation, encouraging participating countries to showcase their advancements in these areas. Saudi Arabia, with its commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy, will have the opportunity to present its groundbreaking initiatives and technologies to a global audience. The Expo will serve as a catalyst for collaboration and knowledge exchange, fostering innovation and driving progress in key sectors.

With 197 countries scheduled to participate, the World Expo 2030 in Riyadh promises a diverse range of attractions and experiences. The event aims to provide an immersive journey through different cultures, technologies, and ideas, offering visitors a glimpse into the future. Cultural exhibitions, innovation showcases, business opportunities, and interactive pavilions will be some of the anticipated highlights of the Expo.

In addition to hosting the World Expo, Saudi Arabia is preparing to host the Asian Winter Games in 2029. This event will take place in Troy, a monumental “giga-project” set in the country’s mountainous terrain. It will offer an extraordinary man-made ski towing experience, showcasing Saudi Arabia’s commitment to diversifying its tourism offerings.

And previously, Saudi Arabia extended its e-visa accessibility to St. Kitts and Nevis, one of our featured programs, streamlining entry for a more convenient travel experience.

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