The Road to Greece

The Road to Greece
  • 3 minutes
  • Dec 14, 2017

Greece is yet another delightful, enviable nation we offer as an immigration destination, for several reasons. The country’s sunny disposition is not unlike that of its Mediterranean sibling Malta and features stunning architecture and vibrant culture as well. You don’t need to necessarily be a lover of Greek plays or literature to like it here, although being one does significantly and undoubtedly add to your experience. You can now secure a five year renewable permanent residency under their citizenship through investment program. And of course, our experts would help you with this every step of the way, ensuring we also go over critical areas like legalities for maximum efficiency.

Whether you’re looking to settle here for personal or business purposes, Greece has an abundance to offer. Aside from being very cost-effective to live in, the Greeks have an unrivalled culinary presence in the world, with recipes being passed on through generations. Many of these dishes are the culmination of surrounding cultures, infusing them in multiple ways as a whole. Aside from being culturally rich as most European nations generally are, Greece definitely knows how to tempt your palate.

On that note, here’s a closer look at life in Greece.


This is one of the first factors you should look at when considering a move like this, and Greece as it turns out, is actually one of Europe’s cheapest and most cost-effective cities to live in. Especially when compared to a few other cities such as London and Sydney. When immigrating via citizenship through investment, this can be particularly lucrative as you try to settle there at first and try to keep spending to a minimum. Fortunately, Greece offers the perfect support for this sort of venture and offers a high standard of living as it does a low-cost one.


As exasperated as you might feel at first trying to navigate your way without knowing the local language, once you begin to get used to it, you realize the value of learning a second language. Once you’re exposed to it enough, it eventually becomes more familiar to you, so if you’ve also wanted to master another language, now’s your opportunity to do so. Being savvy in more than one language is a valuable skill, both personally and professionally. Plus, if you plan to do business here then you’d need to definitely know your way around.


E.U. citizens are known to have better employment opportunities than non-E.U. citizens. Opting for citizenship through investment means you’d be a citizen of Greece once your application is processed and approved, which would make it easier for you to assess your circumstances. We’re happy to look over industries that are mainly hiring whilst lodging your application, so you may be able to even secure employment when you leave. You could do this whilst running your business, so you have some income supplementing you as well.