Top 10 Destinations to Choose the Best Country for Migration and Attaining Citizenship

Choosing the Best Country To Migrate To and Attain Citizenship: Top 10 Destinations
  • 5 minutes
  • Feb 28, 2021

Not sure which country is the best choice for your citizenship-by-investment migration? Bluemina can help you relocate to numerous countries in the Caribbean and beyond. Take a look at some of our favorite destinations and find the perfect paradise for you and your family!


Malta is a stunning destination for investors seeking citizenship with its vibrant urban culture, beachfront properties, and growing business landscape. A Maltese passport will grant you visa-free travel to over 180 nations around the world, and permanent residency inside the nation’s borders comes with significant tax advantages and strategic geographic positionings in Southern Europe.

If worry-free travel around the EU is right for you, relocating to Malta is a no-brainer.


If you’re seeking a more mobile visa with access to the entire Schengen Zone and all of the EU, Greece is perfectly positioned on the Mediterranean Sea to put you and your family right where it needs to be. In Greece, you’ll enjoy a country that offers a high quality of life and a strong English-speaking European community.

It’s easy to migrate to Greece for permanent residency by making a simple investment in Greek real estate, and all you have to do to keep your passport is hang on to your investment property.


For a destination that blends the cultures of the Mediterranean and Europe while maintaining closer proximity to North America, Portugal could be the best country in the world for you to migrate to.

Your Portuguese Golden Visa could be issued in as few as 4-6 months and only requires you to spend a mere seven days living in the country during your first year of investment. It’s easy to invest in Portuguese businesses from afar, and you can even be granted citizenship further down the road after six years of ongoing investment.


Among the newest CBI programs in the world, you’ll find Turkey, an international hotspot that contains a rich mix of Eastern European and West Asian cultures. Turkish citizenship carries the highly-coveted benefits of medical assistance, free education, and visa-free travel to over 110 countries around the world.

You can start the process by investing in Turkish real estate, and you can even collect on rental returns from your investment. After only 3-4 months, you’ll be able to obtain your Turkish passport without even having to live inside the nation for a period of time.

United States

One of the best countries in the world for investors seeking new business horizons, the United States fancies itself as “the land of opportunity.” While investment requirements are steeper than many nations with CBI programs, and US passports can take a little bit longer to get, the USA offers unparalleled medical technologies, renowned higher education services, and vast business opportunities.

If you have the money and the time to commit to a US-based investment, the returns on your commitment can be enormous.

Saint Kitts & Nevis

As one of the original CBI programs in the world, Saint Kitts & Nevis continues to seek foreign investors to bolster its ever-growing tourism industry and develop its real estate infrastructure.

The humble island nation features gorgeous mountain regions encircled by stunning beaches, offering one of the most unique natural landscapes in the world.

Saint Lucia

Like Saint Kitts & Nevis, the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia offers a serene mountain landscape and attractive beach destinations alongside a healthy economy and advantageous tax system that makes it the perfect target for CBI investors.

With a contribution to the National Economic Fund or a simple investment in St. Lucian real estate, investors will find themselves in a country offering top-notch education and healthcare. Furthermore, you’ll be able to obtain your St. Lucian passport in as little as 4-6 months to enjoy visa-free travel to over 120 countries, including the Schengen Zone and the UK.

Antigua & Barbuda

No country in the Caribbean Sea offers advantages quite like Antigua & Barbuda, featuring breathtaking beach lines and luscious forestry all within close proximity to the USA. You can obtain your Antigua & Barbuda passport in just 4-6 months to enjoy visa-free travel to over 130 countries, and all it takes is a simple real estate investment or contribution to the National Development Fund.

If reef-lined beaches and strategic geography are right for you and your family, Antigua & Barbuda may be the perfect new home.


With close proximity to Australia and New Zealand, the islands of Vanuatu offers visa-free travel passports to investors in as little as 2-3 months (and yes, it grants access to New Zealand itself).

The small Oceanic nation is filled with private beaches across its 80 islands, and the only requirement for citizenship is a one-time contribution to the Vanuatuan Development Support Program. Then, simply swear your oath of allegiance to your new home, and you and your family will be on your way to dual-citizenship in one of the most beautiful destinations in the Pacific.

For help migrating to one of these fantastic destinations, contact us at Bluemina today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find your new home in Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond!